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Contemporary Dance Online
      Beautifully designed, this site, based in the U.K., has features, interviews, news, and information of interest to both dancers and fans.

A site that's a news center of links to print and web articles elsewhere about dance (and art, music, theater, books and ideas) . AJ now includes original material too, a collection of blogs, all by well-known critics and arts writers, among them:
Seeing Things
     If you miss Tobi Tobias's column in New York Magazine, take heart. Tobias is writing the same always knowledgeable, often acerbic, and beautifully phrased pieces here. Best of all, on AJ, Tobias's writing appears more frequently!

The Ballerina Gallery
Jorgen Wilhelmsson's collection of photographs and biographical information on virtually every ballerina who ever put on shoes.

Ballet Alert!
An online newsletter for those who love ballet
      Articles about classical and neoclassical ballet; archives from the newsletter Ballet Alert!, and an active message board with more than 140,000 posts.
     The first major web site devoted to dance on the Net, has an enormous data base of reviews, interviews and calendar listings, a monthly magazine, and an active postings page. Mostly, though not exclusively, about dance in the U.K

Ballet companies
     A huge collection of links to ballet and dance comopanies around the world.

Choreograph Net
     "Originally proposed sometime during the last century to be a forum for artists who have something to do with movement and movement creation, attempts to consider choreography in a very broad sense, so broad indeed as to include all processes of arrangement and creation. Consequently this site is dedicated to everything that spans or encircles contemporary choreography, dance and/or culture.

     "An inclusive site for for ballet, modern and all forms of performance dance."

      Another online magazine, this one from Paris, in three languages (French, German, English). Calendar of events in  Europe, reviews, many of Paris Opera Ballet, and interviews.

    More than 3,500 links ballet and modern dance companies, dancers, schools, etc.

      An almost dizzying number of activities are offered here, mostly aimed, it seems, at dancers and teachers..  Dozens of message boards, each aimed at a specific type (under 13s, men who dance); a chat room; downloadable art; advice columns; links to links, and more "activities" than we've had time to try.

Dance Films Association
     Includes a database of "dance films and videos in current distribution in the U.S., and includes videos in circulation around the world," as well as information about DFA's events, including its annual Dance on Camera Festival.

Dance Insider
     "The online source of next-day reviews of dance performances." Overnight reviews of ballet and modern dance performances, especially in New York, but from other cities as well.

Dance Links
      The first collection of dance links, hence its title. This is a very comprehensive list.

     An online supplement to the magazine we all know and love. There are reviews here that aren't in the print version, and their calendar is The Source.

The Dance Pages of Estelle Souche  
      A very rich and personal site. It's the kind of site you work through slowly; the treasures are hidden beneath a list of topics. There's history here, and a photo gallery, information on companies and dancers--"you choose," as Mle. Souche puts it.

Dance Writing
      Essays by choreographer (Dance as Ever) and writer Leigh Witchel.

For Ballet Lovers Only
      A site devoted to the Kirov and Bolshoi ballets, with original photography, news and commentary by Marc Haegeman.

The George Balanchine Foundation
      Information about Balanchine's choreography, the Balanchine Archive project, other Foundation projects.

     News, features, interviews, performance info about dance in London.



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The Autumn DanceView is out:

New York City Ballet's Spring 2003 season reviewed by Gia Kourlas

An interview with the Kirov Ballet's Daria Pavlenko by Marc Haegeman

Reviews of San Francisco Ballet (by Rita Felciano) and Paris Opera Ballet (by Carol Pardo)

The ballet tradition at the Metropolitan Opera (by Elaine Machleder)

Reports from London (Jane Simpson) and the Bay Area (Rita Felciano).

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