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2003, M-N-O

Susan Marshall & Company

Motion Tabled
Sleeping Beauty and Other Stories
October 24, 2003;
by Nancy Dalva

Metropolitan Opera

Stravinsky redux
Stravinsky Triple Bill
Le Rossignol, Le Sacre du Printemps,
and Oedipus Rex
October 13, 2003; b
y Susan Reiter


Cirque du MOMIX
October 7-10, 2003; b
y Meital Waibsnaider

Mark Morris Dance Company

Majestic Harmony from a Different Time
l'Allegro, il Penseroso, ed il Moderato
September 4, 2003; by Paul Parish

A Dark Look at a Dark World
All Fours (world premiere); Grand Duo, Serenade, Going Away Party
September 12, 2003; by Rachel Howar

Mark Morris Dance Company
October 10, 2003;
By Clare Croft

The Hard Nut
December 12, 2003; by Paul Parish

Motion Lab

Faulty Magic
October 17, 2003; by Rachel Howard

Moving Forward Dance Company

Tracing a New Version of The American Dream
November 25, 2003; Alexandra Tomalonis

National Ballet of Cuba

Breathtaking Virtuosity, Unabashedly Itself
October 15, 2003; by  Eric Taub

Don Quixote
October 15, 2003;
by  Eric Taub

New York City Ballet

A Gala Opening, with Brilliant Dancing
Serenade/Bugaku/Symphony in C
Gala, Balanchine 100: The Centennial Celebration
November 25, 2003;
by  Mindy Aloff

A Whirlwind Nutcracker
George Balanchine's The Nutcracker®
November 28, 2003; by
Eric Taub

Never Gonna Dance

Never Gonna Dance
December 3, 2003; by Susan Reiter

The Next Ice Age

Reunion on Ice
September 27, 2003; by George Jackson

Nijinsky's Last Dance

Nijinsky's Last Dance
Aug. 27-Sept. 14, 2003;
by Lisa Traiger

Nikolais Dance Theatre

Nikolais Dance Theatre
October 24, 2003; by Rita Felciano and Rachel Howard

Oakland Ballet

Still Oakland's Exasperating Ballet
September 12-13, 2003; by Paul Parish

Plucky Oakland Ballet Snaps Back
November 7, 2003;
By Paul Parish

Tere O'Connor Dance

The Heartbreaking Strangeness of Tere O'Connor
September 4, 6;
by Ann Murphy

ODC Theater

House Special 2
ODC Theatre
August 30, 2003; by Rita Felciano

Pilot 42
December 18, 2003; by Rita Felciano





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