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Index of Reviews; 2004; A-B

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

Fabulous Dancers, Mediocre New Works
January 24, 2004; Clare Croft

Dancers of Character

January 27, 2004; Tehreema Mitha

After Revelations
March 15, 2004; Rita Felciano

ABT Studio Company

Small Masterpieces and New Works
April 12, 2004; Mary Cargill

Alma Esperanza Cunningham and Dancers

A Companionable Double Header
May 24, 2004; Rita Felciano

American Ballet Theatre

Karole Armitage

An Unanswered Question
March 2-7, 2004; Meital Waibsnaider

Arts of Japan

Cherry Blosson Time
April 12, 2004; George Jackson

Arts United of Washington

Drama, Dancing and Music
February 14, 2004; George Jackson

A Weekend in New York
February 5-7, 2004; Clare Croft


Ballet Met 's Manhattan Debut
May 31, 2004; Susan Reiter


Old and New
January 8, 2004; Mary Cargill

Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley

Anemic Out of Africa
April 19, 2004; Ann Murphy

Ballett Frankfurt

Weird and Wonderful Moves
June 8, 2004; Paul Parish

End Game
June 28, 2004; Clare Croft


Batsheva: Breaking Down Walls
February 26-27, 2004; Lisa Traiger

God Is An Invention, Like Pizza
March 15, 2004; by Ann Murphy

Lori Belilove

Evoking Isadora
April 19, 2004; Rita Felciano

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane and Company

A Weekend in New York
February 5-7, 2004; Clare Croft

Black Expressions

Where's the Soul?
January 23, 2004; Lisa Traiger

Peter Boal and Dancers

From the Sublime to the Clueless
March 22, 2004; Susan Reiter

Body Vox

A Witty Debut
March 15, 2004; Susan Reiter

Bolshoi Ballet

Ratmansky's The Bright Stream
Bringing Back The Banned

January 26, 2004; Alexander Meinertz

Alexandrova's Kitri at the Bolshoi
June 8, 2004; Marc Haegeman

Bowen McCauley Dance Company

Other Directions
June 21, 2004; George Jackson

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence:

Dance with Texture—and a Heart
February 29, 2004; Clare Croft

Feel Good Dancing
April 19, 2004; Rita Felciano

Breaking Lines Dance Festival

An Inclusive Festival Opens
May 4, 2004; Susan Reiter

Buglisi/Foreman Dance:

A Very Personal Vision
January 27 and 31; Susan Reiter

Jonathan Burrows/Matteo Fargion

The Theater of the Mundane
March 12, 2004; Leigh Witchel




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